At the helm of WOOFMEDIA GROUP, Bill Helman, known to many as WooFDriver, is an animal advocate and outdoorsman who has devoted his life to dogs. Bill is on a quest to help people and dogs live their best lives. Along with dogs, he is passionate about music, martial arts and its teachings, technology, nature, health, and history. He hopes that by sharing his knowledge and passions via WOOFMEDIA GROUP he will encourage others to find their sense of adventure and contentment.

The team at WOOFMEDIA GROUP is made up of a variety of creative and technical professionals–musicians, writers, videographers, web designers, historians, dog caregivers, outdoorsmen, mechanics, bicycle designers and more–who help Bill with all of WOOFMEDIA GROUP‘s enterprises.

For general information requests please email info@woofmediagroup.com

For press inquiries please email press@woofmediagroup.com

If you are interested in advertising on any of our platforms, please email sales@woofmediagroup.com


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