Book Publishing

Like all of WOOFMEDIA GROUP‘s undertakings, our Book Publishing division is always evolving. As authorities in the field of husky dogs and dog adventuring, we strive to offer books that speak to other dog enthusiasts. Currently, our book collection is aimed at younger readers, but we have plans to expand our audience as we add new books to our collection, incorporating books about history and the natural world.

Our current titles include the following action-packed dog adventures and ghost stories:

The Antics of Fernandez: The Canine Tornado of Alicante

Woof Pack and a Half (WooFPAK and a Half) (Volume 1)

WooFPAK and a Half: Little Brave (Volume 2)

Werewoofs: Dark of the Night (Volume 1)

Werewoofs: Secret of the Caves (Volume 2)

In collaboration with the Presidential Pet Museum, a component of WOOFMEDIA GROUP‘s Book Publishing division is THE POTUS PETS series, a collection of middle-reader books that tell the fictionalized stories about United States history via the pets who inhabited the White House.

The first in the series is available now:

Book Two, Pushinka, about J.F.K.’s dog, is forthcoming.