Social Media

WOOFMEDIA GROUP knows that social media is essential for effective communication with our audience. That’s why we go above and beyond to keep our sites up-to-date with new images, videos, and blogs about our adventures and projects. We regularly communicate in multiple ways and have even brought our audience along on our adventures via 360-degree live video so they can control what they see. In addition to videos, every single day WOOFMEDIA GROUP works on adding to our content with music, photographs, stories, educational content, and more. We love sharing our experience, knowledge, and love of dogs with our fans and are so grateful to have amassed a following of almost 4 million people across our various platforms.

We have amassed over thirty different social media accounts that appeal to a variety of users. If you are an advertiser we are sure to have a place for you to share your product where we can assure you it will be seen by many people. Each of the following links will bring you to a page that lists the accounts we have available for your enjoyment or advertising needs.





∞ Examples of some of our feeds follow ∞ 

C&O Canal - Harpers Ferry