The WooFMedia Group is an innovator in video and audio recording technologies.  A vast array of leading technology is used in creative to capture all we do.  Scores of cameras with custom fabricated rigging and mounting technologies are used daily in our productions.  We often uniquely combine multiple pieces of gear in ways never intended by manufactures.

An array of supporting gear is used.  For night runs, night vision goggles, IR modified cameras and LED IR lighting.  For Ghost hunting, an array of state of the art supernatural detection gear is used.  In the early days we pioneered remote webcasting using laptops, battery banks and mobile hotspots, all mounted to off road electric vehicles to shoot on the trail.  for our live musician shoots on a dog cart, an entire music studio was mounted on a cart, including a 16 track digital audio recorded/mixer and high end EV studio quality microphones.

All this recording gear then is used to shoot our dozens of custom fabricated All Dog Vehicles, our name for the off road, electric and pedal powered carts that the dogs pull.  These carts are designed by the WooFMedia team and then created by custom fabricators around the country.  Even our over the road vehicles are custom, modified to haul the gogs, gear and crew safely to each production location.  The center piece is the highly modified, stretch, 4×4 Ford Excursion, what we call The Jumbo Jet.

Check out our www.wooftek.com site for a glimpse of our technology.