WooFTunes Music Label

Chances are good you haven’t seen anything like the WooFTunes Music Library. Produced, directed, and recorded by the WooFTunes Music Label, the library is the largest collection of music for and about dogs we’ve come across anywhere in the world.

WooFTunes Music Label has gathered world-class singers and musicians to collaborate on and perform parodies, tributes, and original songs. Written by or for dog expert and adventurer, Bill “WooFDriver” Helman, the songs encapsulate the energy and spirit of WOOFMEDIA GROUP. You will find a bit of everything in the library. It includes songs that are fun, engaging, and uplifting, as well as meditative music to help relax your dog.

The lyrics are saturated with meaning. In addition to finding stories and a large dose of humor, you will find dog training suggestions and ideas on how to live your best life with your dog interspersed throughout the catalog.

WooFTunes.com is our dedicated music site, click here take a listen now! 

The entirety of the music produced by the WooFMedia Group is available live streamed from multiple radio stations, check them out here.